Barbacoa at Foam Brewers November 24, 2017   Leave a comment


Barbacoa pic by Luke Awtry Photography


I had a great time seeing music the night after Thanksgiving at Foam Brewers. My cousin Michael Pearson was in town and wanted to go out and check out some music. We met up at the Brewery with his brother’s son Caleb Pearson and we chatted about life for a bit. Soon enough, the band took the stage and I headed to the front. Barbacoa usually play instrumental surf-rock songs so of course the opened with a countryish song that Bill Mullins sang. It was something about the whole wide world. For the second song they slipped on their usual musical style for a cool version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. They rocked hard on the next couple of songs with drummer Jeremy Frederick and bassist Kirk Flanagan completely locked in and Mullins guitar racing over the top. They mellowed out for a song with a spy vibe then unloaded a tremendous version of Paint It Black. It had the added amusement of being played on Black Friday. They played a crazy version of Delerium Tremelo then Bill sang a fun version of Country Roads. They went back to the instrumentals for songs like Green Olives, Hang Em High School and Medieval Knieval then closed the first set with a suite of classic surf songs that featured a nice Secret Agent Man part.

I went back to the table and chatted with my cousins for a bit then the band returned and I headed back to the front. They opened with a couple of fast rockers then slowed it down a bit. They played an amazing version of Strawberry Fields Forever and lots of lovely instrumentals. Late in the set they played songs like Venus In Spurs and You Only Live Twice. They wrapped up the set around 10 with another blistering rocker and fun was had by all.

After the set I hung out with the cousins for a bit more. We chatted for an hour or so then went on our ways. It was great to spend time with them and the presence of such a fantastic band like Barbacoa just made the night even more special.

Thanks to Luke Awtry Photography for the pics!





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