Eastern Mountain Time at Light Club Lamp Shop and The Green Flames and Zeus Springsteen at Radio Bean November 15, 2017   Leave a comment


Eastern Mountain Time pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music a couple of Wednesday’s ago at Light Club Lamp Shop and Radio Bean. When I was young we would sing country songs at family gatherings, and it was nice but when I discovered rock and roll, music became exciting. My mom played organ in church so I had a love of huge swirling sounds ingrained early and that continues to this day. I was a metal kid until I started dating girls and learned to like more gentle music too. In the last few years I’ve opened up to enjoying music that doesn’t rock, but could never quite get a love for country music.

I’d seen Eastern Mountain Time a few times recently, and on paper I should not like them, but in reality, I find something compelling about their music. I even really enjoyed the eight, or so, times they played Gary Stewart that night at The Monkey House. I was genuinely excited for the album release show at the Lamp Shop and took the lovely walk downtown and got settled in just before the show began.

They opened with the first two songs from Mountain Country. Done My Time and Berlin After The War are both fascinating songs to listen along with. The sound was lush and driving and I was in a happy place. They followed with an older pretty rocker about bright lights and stormy weather. They sang about being pushed southward when it’s starting to snow. They sang about taking it anyway you want it, though drummer Danny LeFrancois said it was about sitting in a bar on a Wednesday. They played an older rocker that said please please, I can change, tell me what you need. Jason Pappas was steady and strong on the bass and Ben’s pedal steel and keyboard work was phenomenal. The band left for a bit and Sean Hood sang and played guitar on I’ve Had Enough Too and Birds Of Park Slope, both of which are outstanding songs. The other three returned to the stage and they played something about maybe he fucked up the time change or just couldn’t wait. The line about having should have left but ordering a double instead in There’s A Gary Stewart Song About this is just great. They played a poignant version of Tom Petty’s Crawling Back To You, then played a song about it being cold in December. They played a song that said it’s all that I am and they closed the set saying don’t knock on the door like you’ve been here before. The audience would not let them go and demanded an encore. They took us for a drive down to Galveston and called it a night. They were absolutely wonderful and filled my heart with joy.



Eastern Mountain Time pic by Tim Lewis

I popped next door to rock out and checked out the band that was playing first. The Green Flames had a jazzy sultry funk sound going and played an instrumental with a big rock section. They lent their musical style to covers such as Down Under, Spooky, Billie Jean, Run Through The Jungle and Sledgehammer. A jazzy version of Golden Slumbers closed the set with a big rock finish that kept me smiling. They were a lot of fun.



The Green Flames pic by Tim Lewis

About 12:30 Zeus Springsteen hit the stage with a roar. They played a blistering rock set that had me entranced. They opened with the old Lobot song Light’s Of Montreal then played a bunch of songs that I hope are on their upcoming album. They played Your Funeral and Signal Loss. They played Space Whales and Landlord. They sang about wormholes and car bombs. They played a song called Eventual and followed with an Interstate Love Song. They capped the hour long set with Dindone and What’s Inside A Thing and I really want to get an album so I can get to know their music inside and out. Every time I see Zeus I have a great time and love the melody and power of their music.

I took off pretty quickly after they finished, but did manage to set a date for a Robot Dog session that was confirmed the next day. That should air December 21st. I’m so lucky to be able to get to hear three completely different bands in one space. Our town is constantly amazing.



Zeus Springsteen pic by Tim Lewis


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