Sarah Blacker and Aaron Katz at Club Metronome November 10, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music last Friday at Club Metronome. I was sure I was going to the Blowtorch and Rough Francis show at ArtsRiot but checked the schedule and saw that Sarah was in town and playing at a time that made it a one or the other choice. I’ve seen her many times in town and she is amazing so I set that plan. I got out of work, did a quick turnaround at home, then took the chilly walk downtown. I got in and settled a little after 9 and soon it was time for Sarah Blacker & New England Groove Association to take the stage. This version was just Sarah and Aaron Katz (from Percy Hill). She sings and plays guitar and he masterfully plays the Djembe. Sarah’s songs are strong and melodic and sound great when she is solo but Aaron’s percussion added a nice drive. His sharp notes exploded and his quiet notes added grace to the beautiful songs. They opened with the steady and catch Plugging Away and we were off. She has put out a few singles since her last album and both Blood From Your Gun and Walkabout were really cool. She placed another new song called John in between them and I really liked it. The growing audience was standing close to the stage and when Sarah put down the guitar and started a stomp clap rhythm that was accented perfectly by Aaron. It really brought the audience into the show. Next, she picked up the ukulele for The Most Beautiful Thing and it warmed my heart. She picked up the guitar and rocked out These Summer Nights and they went into a long cool jam at the end. They closed the set with a song that was in Sarah’s style but turned out to be Don’t Worry Be Happy and that was that.

I hung out for a bit but had to work early in the morning and left a little way into the headliner’s first song. Despite everything, seeing Sarah is always the right choice.



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