LuxDeluxe and Landlady at ArtsRiot September 7, 2017   Leave a comment


Landlady pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music Thursday night at ArtsRiot. I had seen Landlady once at Signal Kitchen and they blew me away. I was bummed the show was on a Thursday but I had my radio show prepared beforehand and had to go.

The walk down was long and lovely and free of rain, which is a minor accomplishment this summer. I got in and settled and chatted with Rob Liu for a bit but soon it was time for the show.

LuxDeluxe said they would open with a jazz song then go through all of the genres. The first song had a country rock feel and the band were super tight. All of the songs rocked and had an easy dance vibe. One had a bit of a reggae feel. One was about being so far away. They sang about having gone fishing and keeping your distance. Singer Ned King kept the audience engaged with flashy dance moves. He bounced with the bass player at one point and sang one song from the top of the bass drum, and even drummed along. Everything about the set was fun and had me in a happy place for every note.


LuxDeluxe pic by Tim Lewis


LuxDeluxe pic by Tim Lewis


LuxDeluxe pic by Tim Lewis

The set break was short and soon enough, it was time for Landlady to enchant the room. They have a pop sound but take all the songs into interesting places with a prog rock feel while still being accessible. Their harmony backing vocals are out of this world. They opened with Nina from their new album The World Is A Loud Place and stayed there for Cadaver and Solid Brass. They went back to their last album, Upright Behavior for Dying Day and Washington State Is Important. They played a very old song that had a bit of a Return Of The Giant Hogweed vibe. They bounced between the two albums with Person and Under The Yard. The opening notes of The Globe lit me up and I was enthralled for every note. They played a song about dancing in public and being uncomfortable then let the vocals fill the room for a cover of Surfer Girl. They let it fall into Driving In California then played a song with a nice blues jam. A song about love and happiness followed. They closed the set with the slow steady martial drumming that begins Above My Ground. They let it build and build and by the end were at full rock fury singing Always Always Always. It was everything you could hope for in a rock show.

I hung out and chatted for a bit after the show then took the long happy walk home.



Landlady pic by Tim Lewis

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