Savage Hen at Robot Dog Studio and When Particles Collide at The Monkey House August 30, 2017   Leave a comment


When Particles Collide pic by Tim Lewis



Savage Hen pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music a week ago Wednesday. I woke up and wrote up three shows that I hand seen in the last week then took a short nap. I met up with Mary Wolcott around 6:30 and we headed over to Robot Dog Studio. Ryan Cohen spent some time getting the sound right then I began my interview with Savage Hen that I played the next day on my local music radio show on WBKM. They played four heavy songs. Voodoo Revenge, The Wrong List, Clever Girl, and Local Lore are all powerful songs and we chatted about life in between. After we wrapped up the interview They played one more song that I will use for my annual Halloween show. The jump rope theme from Nightmare On Elm St was creepy and perfect. After that was wrapped up Mary and I headed out and went to Winooski



Savage Hen pic by Tim Lewis

We arrived at The Monkey House and had missed Dino Bravo but were just in time to catch the set from When Particles Collide. Their set was short and sweet and loud and fast and hard. They opened with Ego then played a song about the base of the mountain. They rocked out Fight and Chris Viner sang the bass line at one point. Storm Cloud rocked hard and Sasha Alcott‘s voice and guitar playing were in fine form. They sang about pink and laying one’s body down and being my home. They closed the set with Constant Disaster and that was that. We hung out and chatted for a bit and I had to get one of the vampire giraffe with the cool sneakers shirts.

After that we headed out and Mary dropped me off then headed home. It was indeed a lovely day.



When Particles Collide pic by Tim Lewis



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