Milton Busker And The Grim Work at Light Club Lamp Shop August 29, 2017   Leave a comment


Milton Busker And The Grim Work pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last night at Light Club Lamp Shop. I worked until 6:30 so it was easy to make the 7:30 show. I arrived a couple of minutes early but soon it was time for Milton Busker And The Grim Work to play. They have a hint of a country sound mixed with Milton’s quirky pop and sometimes lock into a rocking groove. They opened with a song about madmen of yesterday and how nobody loves you. Milton and the drummer started clapping and the band launched into heaven knows there ain’t nothing we can’t do. They played a song about the Devil’s Hand and a touching song called Baby, Let My Money Keep You Warm. They played another cool song then went to Milton’s last album, You Are What You Pretend To Be, for a great version of The Meanest Thing I’ll Ever Write. They went back to his first album Dance Songs Volume II for Jesus In Chains and Milton let his soaring voice fill the room. He began Ordinary Day solo on the acoustic guitar and almost finished it when the band jumped in and played a rocking jam. As they eased off he finished the songs last few notes solo. They played a rocking song about parenthood and a 16 ton soul. They played a song called Gravity who’s chorus went “settle down, everything is broken and the end is near”. It reminded me of a conversation with another artist who said it’s the sad songs that are worth playing since they cheer us up. Gravity nicely defines that concept. They played a bluesy song called Lost Cause and a song about how a soul needs light. They played a song about letting you down an a cool cover by an artist that I did not know. They played a couple of fun rocking songs then tossed in a cover of Driver 8. They closed with Glad To See You Go and left me in a happy place.

I hung out and chatted for a bit then headed for home.




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