Eastern Mountain time show and video shoot for There’s A Gary Stewart Song About This at The Monkey House August 22, 2017   Leave a comment


Eastern Mountain Time pic by Tim Lewis

I had a really good time seeing music Tuesday at The Monkey House even if it was repetitive and the band seemed as if they were just playing to a studio version of the song.

The show was set to begin around 7 and I had to work until 6:30. It was a rainy day with tornado warnings and a huge band of rain came in a little after 5. The radar showed green bands and yellow bands and red bands and there was a massive downpour around 6. I wondered if it would be more sensible to just go home after work but by 6:20 it had cleared and as soon as I got out of work I walked over to Winooski. I got in and settled. Eastern Mountain Time was set up on the well lit stage but not much was happening so I got a seat by the window and watched the world go by for a bit. Soon it was time for it to begin so I headed towards the front but hung back a little farther than usual. A couple of video cameras were set in front of the stage and the band coordinated with the sound man who started the song playback as they began to “play”. The song was called There’s A Gary Stewart Song About This and it looked like they did a nice job playing along. They went through the song then got set up and did it again. There was a little break as the camera crew moved around and got set up with different angles. They went through a couple more run throughs and hopefully got all the shots that they needed. At that point they moved the cameras and asked the audience to more forward and not crowd the stage but be where you wanted to be. I got reasonably close and acted naturally. They did three takes of the song with the camera crew moving through the audience and through the bar and catching the stage and all of it’s surroundings.

After that the crew began to pack up and the band started to play for real. Sean Hood has a nice voice and stage presence and played a poignant acoustic guitar. Jason Pappas played the bass with a quiet strength and Danny LeFrancois filled in the beat nicely. I missed the name of the gentleman on pedal steel but did note that Ryan Osswald sat in on electric guitar. He fit nicely into the sound and broke out on a couple of leads late in the short set. They closed the set with Stewart only playing it for real and it was fun to listen to the subtle differences. That was going to be it but they brought Danny up to the front to sing and play acoustic guitar for Jolene to close the night.

I hung out for a little bit then took the long and only slightly rainy walk home. Being part of history can be fun.




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