Clever Girls and Daniel Romano at ArtsRiot August 9, 2017   Leave a comment


Clever Girls pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music a couple of weeks ago at ArtsRiot. I had just seen Clever Girls the previous Saturday and they were great and I was psyched to see them again. The walk down to Pine St was uneventful. I got in early and got some food then headed into the rock room. It was not long before the Girls hit the stage. They opened with the gorgeous and powerful Catch And Release then played a few off their EP. Loose Tooth rocked hard. We Tried simmered wonderfully. They dedicated Crazy to their man Willie Nelson. 45 was the last song they played from their EP and it began slow and strong and built into a huge epic with Winfield Holt‘s guitar going over the top. They played a fast rocker with no title yet. They played a new one that began with just Diane Jean singing and Tobias Sullivan playing bass. After a bit Rob Slater and Winfield joined in and rocked it hard. They played a new song called Get Out that was really good. They played a song with the line see you smile though I’m not sure the song was about seeing you smile. They played a song about being sad called Hannah and Diane’s voice just soared. They rocked the set to a close with a song that might be called Heavy, and is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs. It went through a couple of builds and eases then locked into a ripping groove at the end.

I really went to see Clever and did not know anything about the headliner. During the set break I chatted with Diane. She described them as a country band with a bit of Americana. I’m not sure if she saw me wince with worry but I thought I’d listen and see what I though.

Daniel Romano took the stage next and started rocking. While there is something country in the musical structure there was no twang and it sounded to me like ’60’s rock mixed with ’90’s indie. I really liked their sound. They opened with a rocking song then introduced themselves by saying that they love music and hate fascists. I think everyone was in agreement about that. I did not know any of the songs but liked them all. Some were a bit more country, some had a steady rock groove and some were kind of epic. They played a a song about the bells ringing. They played one song and as it was ending the singer said to the bass player “take it Dee Dee”. The bass player screamed out 1 2 3 4 and they lit into the next song, because who doesn’t love a good Ramones reference. They played a slow song with sweet keys about how new love can be found. They closed the set with the last song on the new album What’s To Become Of The Meaning Of Love. They encored with their oldest song which was something about the road becoming their lover.

I did not stay long after the show and on the long walk home contemplated the stunning amount of wonderful music that comes to our town and was happy to catch the tiny amount that I can.


Daniel Romano pic by Tim Lewis


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