David Rosane & The Zookeepers at Radio Bean July 30, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music last Sunday at Radio Bean. The band were set to go on at 10 and I made the strategically silly decision to watch Game of Thrones first then head down. I had a pretty good pace going and walked in the door about 10:20pm and David Rosane & The Zookeepers were on stage playing Going Home. I got a drink and settled in as they rocked out Urban Country. They sang Tally on tally ho on Hope In The Dark then played a song about stardust. With David Rosane‘s insightful vocals and driving acoustic guitar, and Jennifer Grossi lovely voice, percussion and keys, and Don’s electric guitar the sound was somehow very full and rich and I was in a very happy place. They played a lovely version of Paris Is For Love and the ending soared into a rocked out jam. They played a song about the Real World and their life in the west. They played a country gospel song about being able to rest your head. I was about to get a drink when they looked at me and said don’t move. I saw them a week and a half ago at American Flatbread and went in to get another drink on Break A Leg and missed most of the song. The timing was fun and I sat and listened to them rock that song out, even though going to the bar at the Bean only means moving a few feet, not going into a different building. After the song I went to the bar as they played an almost optimistic song about being on the sunny side of things. They sang a song that said to follow you don’t follow me and the next one was about fighting for your right to be different or the same or whatever you perceive to be reasonable. They asked us to tell the little children what they have done then told us how every day is a beautiful day and every day is judgement day. They sang a song about pebbles, rocks and heavy metal and asked if we ever got along. They closed the set singing today is the future and today is fine and today is mine. The small but mighty audience asked for an encore so they sang a song about peace on earth and taking me skyward.

I hung out and chatted with them for a little bit then took the short and lovely walk home. I should have gotten there earlier but I loved every moment that I caught.


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