a.m. rejoice at Radio Bean July 1, 2017   Leave a comment



I had a great time seeing music Saturday at Radio Bean. I’ve loved Joe Adler‘s music for ages and had heard that he is now playing in a duo with Marcie Hernandez Music. I had not caught up with them even though they had played around a lot so it was nice to see the show at the Bean. They call themselves a.m. rejoice and both sing and play guitar and Joe adds in a variety of percussion instruments. Marcie sings some songs in English and some in Spanish and some in both. They opened with a Marcie song that had a happy salsa feel. Joe’s Spit N Fire Blues followed and was really cool. A Marcie song called Quiet was fantastic with a nice build to it. It made me want to hear a full band version of the song. Another Marcie song mixed the languages then they played a Joe song called On The Rocks. Since it was the first of July, Marcie’s song Independence Day was quite appropriate. They found a nice groove on Joe’s Relax then Marcie rearranged a classic Mexican song. They followed with one about how fragile life can be then covered Radiohead’s Sulk. They played another Marcie song that really made me want to get to know her music. Joe’s song Little Bird was sweet then they closed the set with a Spanish Marcie song.

I really liked the way they play together and the way their voices work together and need to see them play more often.




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