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The Original Q pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music Wednesday night at Nectar’s. Monday and Tuesday were 7:30 to 6 work days. Wednesday was a mere 7:30 to 4, but I was still a bit tired for some reason. I went home for a bit and napped for a bit and woke up at 9:30. I thought I might be late but I went to the band’s Facebook page and they said they would be on around 11 or 11:30 so I hopped through the shower then hopped out the door.

There were three bands on the bill, two of whom I did not know and one I had been meaning to see for a while. I arrived a little after 10 and was not surprised that I had missed one of the opening bands. What can you do? I got in and settled and soon it was time for the music to start.

Surrounded by keyboards, Lee Ross took the stage and began creating loops. He set up a nice funky jam and added some sax on top. This set the tone for the night with him recording and looping several parts and turning them on and off for maximum effect. The second song had a reggae beat and a soulful sax then he added a bit of flute on the top. This kept flowing until it was a cool funky jam then he took the mic for the first time of the night and started singing “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no fooling around”. As he finished the song the music kept gong and he settled into a gorgeous piano piece, rocked out the song for a while then brought it back to the piano before it slipped into the next funky groove. It felt like there was a bit of a Phish vibe going and he took the mic and sang “Late at night I like to put my hand in the cookie jar” as the long jam came to and end. He closed with a song that might be rock and or roll. It was a fun set.



Lee Ross pic by Tim Lewis

I’ve known Peter Burton for a while and had him come in and play on the first episode of WBKM live at Robot Dog Studio but had never made it out to any of his shows, either solo, or with a band. The Original Q are a four-piece with Peter on keys and vocals, guitar, drums and a bass player who sang a couple of the songs. They have a bit of a jam rock feel but are mostly just a rock band with a strong keyboard out front. They opened with a song where Peter sang “Take it from me” and we were off. The second was a long instrumental jam and Dan Connolly’s guitar playing really shone. Peter sang a song about having his finger on a trigger then they brought their guest to the stage. Greg played something that looked larger than a mandolin but smaller than a guitar. He played slide and it had a saxophone sound. Luke Hausermann’s bass kept the song moving in fun directions as he sang. Peter sang the next one which had a bit of a Twist My Arm vibe. The next song was a bit of a vamp with Peter singing about getting better at mouth to mouth. An instrumental cover of Isn’t She Lovely was gorgeous and Dan really shone. The next song sounded familiar from the first note and settled into Let Me Be, which is one of the songs Peter did at the Robot Dog session. I loved hearing it with the full band. Greg joined them again for a new slow song called Home that built into an epic ending. Luke took the vocals for a cover of Southbound and Greg’s sound changed from sax to a smoking slide guitar then back into the sax. The pretty full room was in a happy place. Peter sang a song about caring about nothing then the band lit into another instrumental jam. Sean Patrick Keenan had been keeping things fun on drums all night and had a short and rocking drum solo in the song. He was wearing a Rush t-shirt so I guess that should have been expected. They closed the night with Luke singing a heavily rearranged and really fun For What It’s Worth. They were done and ready to go but the audience was not and demanded one more. They pulled out a classic instrumental jam who’s title eluded me but I loved every moment of it. After that, they really called it a night. I slipped out the door and took the long lovely walk home, with a stop to reflect on our fantastic music scene at the statue of Big Joe Burrell.



The Original Q pic by Tim Lewis


The Original Q pic by Tim Lewis


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