Eric George, Sean Hood, and Dino Bravo at The Monkey House June 25, 2017   Leave a comment


Dino Bravo pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Sunday at The Monkey House. It was the fourth in the The Show Up Shows series that raises money for different worthy organizations. This one benefited 1% For the Planet and was set to run from 7-10 to make it an early night so people would show up. I had missed two of the shows but did catch one a few months back and was expecting the same format of an emcee hosting the show and four bands playing 4-6 of their songs. Sunday’s show had a different format with no emcee and only three bands.

A little after 7 Eric George took the stage with an acoustic guitar and played a dozen songs. He sang about believing in science and being a stranger to people. He sang about how there is always a map and played one that had a Hana Zara vibe. He sang about crossing the river and about letters never sent. He played a cover of a White Stripes song then closed with songs about good friends and mountain top removal in Kentucky. He has a nice voice and is a pretty good guitar player and the small crowd appreciated the performance.



Eric George pic by Tim Lewis

Up next, Sean Hood from Eastern Mountain Time took the stage with an acoustic guitar. He spoke a little about how 1% is doing good work to help our planet then lit into his set. He opened with Birds of Park Slope and his playing was slower than Eric’s but much more intense. His lyrics paint stark portraits of what it feels like to live through this life. He sang a song about drinking all alone and how his friends have had enough and how he guessed that he had enough too. He sang about how things were headed for trouble and how he should leave, but instead ordered a double. He sang about low down mid-December. He pulled out a cover of Tom Petty’s Walls. He sang about drawing the line tomorrow at nine and wrapped the seven song set with a new positive song about how he lives. It was a captivating performance and I loved every note.



Sean Hood pic by Tim Lewis

The potential fourth band never showed so after a bit of a break Dino Bravo VT set up and played a wonderfully loud blistering rock show. They opened with Matthew Stephen Perry just singing while the rest of the band rocked like usual. Stone Temple Pilot’s Creep was a fun way to begin the show. Matt then picked up his guitar and the band let loose a tremendous version of Song About The Ocean. Jeff LaBossiere is a steady and powerful drummer who keeps the songs interesting. Chris Farnsworth has that great sense of melody that makes his guitar playing so wonderful to hear. Josh Shedaker rips it up on bass and sings backing vocals and lead as needed and always sounds great. Ocean is an epic song with huge builds and I loved riding every note. They kept rocking hard as they played Sugar Coated Candy Stix, Pop Music and Two Car Garage. They eased up a little for Crime Scene then pulled out the harmony guitars for Strawberry Blonde. A cover of 20th Century Boy was fun and rocked hard. The room was half full and everyone seemed really into Dino as they kept rocking hard on Chuck Berry. A cover of Ween’s Birthday Boy was fun. I think they played an instrumental next then closed with Past The Mark. As the song careened to an end it fell into a distorted mass of music then gelled back into a few bars of Creep before it finally faded away.

It was a bit late at that point, so I headed out quickly and took the long happy walk home.



Dino Bravo pic by Tim Lewis

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