Mikey Holland, Black Rabbit, and Phil Yates & The Affiliates at The Monkey House June 9, 2017   Leave a comment


Phil Yates & The Affiliates pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Friday at The Monkey House. I worked until 7, checked in with Nathan Curtis and just before 9 we headed to Winooski. While it felt like the end of an era, my focus was squarely set on the rock show in front of me. We got drinks then hung out on the picnic tables outside and chatted with Josh Shedaker for a while. I kept glancing in the open window and when I heard the sound of an acoustic guitar getting ready to play, I headed in.

Mikey Holland from The Dazies sang and played guitar and the songs had a neo-romantic Posies sort of sound. The first song was about suffocating in the USA and the second was about panicking all the time. He sang about a piece of my love and he sang about a famous Boston bartender named Johnny Allen. He sang a song about feeling like an idiot with the tag line 1 2 3 4 5 Hey, I’m Alive, and it was fun that it was the 5th song of the set. A cheery song about the misery of being on the outside looking in followed. He sang about the little things that keep him up at night and closed with a song about howling at the moon called Wake The Night. I liked his set and liked his songs and he made them sound great.



Mikey Holland pic by Tim Lewis

The room was full of local stars and it was not long until Black Rabbit took the stage with a roar. At top volume and peak punk rock intensity Rabbit lit into the set with The Original Original. They told us what Nicky said then sang about Carnage. They played the first new song of the night and it’s already on it’s way to becoming one of my favorites. They rocked hard on the bouncy My Blue Sky then said Sayonara. Another new song, maybe Quiet Down, was great and it’s already on it’s way to becoming one of my favorites. Alienation has that great flow to it and Rejected is such a universal sentiment. They sang about JFK, at a beautifully blistering volume, on Mark My Words. The Invisibles has that great line about lipstick and dynamite, and is always fun to hear live. Another new song, The Shutout (?) was cool and it’s already on it’s way to becoming one of my favorites. They went back to the first EP for the tale of Papa Neutrino. They pulled out a cover of Husker Du’s I Apologize that made the room a happy place. The next one was the last new one of the night and it’s already on it’s way to becoming one of my favorites. They went into the home stretch with the powerful Tibbar Tibbar. Darlene Scarano leaned into the mic and said Is Phil Yates really leaving town and they closed the night with New Rose. It was such a fitting end to a powerhouse show.



Black Rabbit pic by Tim Lewis


Black Rabbit pic by Tim Lewis

I chatted with a few people in the break but soon it was time for the last Phil Yates & The Affiliates show before Phil moves to Chicago. They opened by rocking hard on Burn It Down, Bernadette and that set the tone for the night. They kept rocking at full pace with Might As Well Settle then played the cool new song Send Him The Bill. If Only I Was Lonely was a bit mellower but still had some rock to it. They ramped back up on Co-pilot. I Am A Hatchet has a nice groove to swing to then they rocked out Burn Burn Burn. She Has Your Name sounded sweet as always. I’m not sure what the next one was, but it was pretty cool and may have been about sour grapes. Fixin’ To Die is another cool new song and sounded great. They brought the volume to peak intensity and the and the speed up to Rabbit level for a stunning Ninjas Vs Zombies. They kept rocking hard on My Favorite Bag then played a blistering Little French Earthquakes. They played a lovely version of Big Star’s Thank You Friends then closed the night with Phil putting down the guitar and singing the heck out of Honeycomb. It’s sad that Phil is leaving and nice to know that he can come back anytime, but of all the shows to leave on, this one rocked hard.



Phil Yates & The Affiliates pic by Tim Lewis


Phil Yates & The Affiliates pic by Tim Lewis


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