The Bees Knees at the Hilton February 16, 2017   Leave a comment


The Bees Knees pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music Thursday morning at the Gardener’s Supply Company annual meeting. Like most companies, once a year we get everyone together and talk about what happened last year and where we are going this year and farther into the future. While lectures with lots of numbers are fun for some of us, it can be a bit much for a lot of people so we always try and do something fun. This year we met for the first section of the meeting then took a break. When we came back an employee named Jim put on an acoustic guitar and played a nice song about the joys of gardening. He played a couple of verses and said management wanted something with a more full sound so Jeff sat at the drum kit, Susan picked up the bass and Matt put on the electric guitar. Collectively known as The Bees Knees they played the song about butterflies, love and being in the garden with a country vibe and a reggae beat. It’s a pretty nice song and ends with Love Gardeners, Love Gardener’s Supply.

After the song we went through the second section of the meeting and took another break. When we got back the band lit into a fun version of Fly Like An Eagle. Jim’s a pretty good singer with a comforting voice. Jeff and Susan locked in the rhythm and Matt played a subtle but sweet lead over the top. About half way into the song a group of employee fans, with shirts that read The Dirty Hoes (get your mind out of the gutter and into the garden), showered the band with flowers and adoration. After the song we had the last section of the meeting then went back to work. Many staff meetings can be dull but if you want to liven it up, there is always a way.



The Bees Knees pic by Tim Lewis



The Bees Knees pic by Tim Lewis


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