The Nancy Druids at The Monkey House February 7, 2017   Leave a comment


The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Saturday at The Monkey House. I met up with Mary Wolcott just about 9 and we hung out for a bit until The Nancy Druids hit the stage. They opened with the lovely refrain of The Sky Is All Around Me Now and the shimmering pop rock filled my soul. They followed with the steady stomp of Just An Ordinary Breakdown Day which has some lovely changes and such a nice flow to the song. Disappear has a great verse and chorus and towards the end they go into the title section and the word disappear floats happily. I did not know the name of the next one, since none are recorded yet but the lyric about life is wasted on the things you know is pretty cool. I’ve seen most of their shows but they surprised me with a brand new song that was pretty sweet. They kept rocking hard on The Space Between and Sean took off on an epic guitar workout at the end. At that point an unruly customer had to be escorted out by the bar staff so attention focused away from the band for a bit. They waited it out and as attention came back to them they played the song about January Looking For December. This brought the full attention of the audience back and the band pulled out a staggering version of The Sign. The next one was the song about the walk through the park and it was glorious. The bombastic Halo followed and featured another Sean guitar workout and killer drums from Ann Mindell. Bassist John Franklin, who’s Rickenbacker playing sounded perfect all night, introduced a story about waking up from a fevered dream to realize he was infatuated with ’80’s Olivia Newton-John. The band played a fun version of Xanadu that was more rehearsed than the impromptu version they played last time. They returned to their own songs for an amazing Remember Who You Are and Falling sounded wonderful too. They capped the night with Leonard Cohen’s Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye. There is something about the music of the Druids that works for me on almost every level and I feel very fortunate to be able to see them as often as I do.

After the show we chatted with Molly King and Lauren from Rapid Fire Magazine. Aside from the disturbance in the middle, it was another brilliant night of music.



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