Silver Bridget at Juniper and When Particles Collide at Manhattan Pizza January 21, 2017   Leave a comment


Silver Bridget pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music a week ago Saturday at Manhattan Pizza and Pub. There was lots of music happening that night including the Rocketsled reunion show at Higher Ground. I had been planning to go when I realized that a favorite band was coming to town and it had been years since I had seen them. I debated the see the current working band vs the celebrate the past notion and ended up firmly in the present. Also, since it was a10pm show at Manhattan that opened up another fun possibility for earlier.

I got out of work, got settled a bit and headed downtown about quarter of 9. I headed to Juniper at Hotel Vermont, got a beer and a place to sit on the floor near the band in the full lobby room. Soon enough, Silver Bridget began to play. They warmed us up with In My Room, Crazy and I Love Her. Since the band plays in the lobby lots of people walk by and listen for a moment. The classic nature of the songs and the elegant sound of the musical saw caught a lot of attention and it was fun to watch people’s reactions. A couple of people stopped in and sat close, including the inimitable Charlie Messing who seemed like he just came from a record store. The band continued on with classics like Heart Of Gold, Can’t Help Falling In Love and Starman. I couldn’t quite nail the next Beatles song but Charlie said it was Here There and Everywhere. Surfer Girl and Old Man were easy to spot. The next one was familiar and Charlie said it was The End Of The World by Skeeter Davis and opened his bag of records and that was one of the albums that he had. The band were impressed. The set continued with Stand By Your Man, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, and You’re Gonna Loose That Girl. They wrapped up the first set with Blue Bayou and I Will Always Love You.



When Particles Collide pic by Tim Lewis

I quickly headed out the door and Charlie followed and did a great job keeping up with my walking pace. I dove into a crowded Manhattan Pizza and When Particles Collide were on and rocking. With just a singer/electric guitar player and a drummer the band put out a ferocious rock fury while maintaining a unique sound. I love lots of their songs and was so happy they were playing them right in front of me. They played three sets of music that were almost an hour long and I was fully sated by the end of the night. Songs like Distraction and Perfect Teeth were great in set one. They ended it with a ripping version of Constant Disaster followed by an off kilter Ziggy Stardust that temporarily halted the constant ebb and flow of people that characterizes Manhattan. People just stopped on their way out to see how the song would finish. It was lots of fun.

I grabbed a slice during the set break then headed back to the front for set two. It was as fun as the first and featured the heavy riffing Finally Found The One and everyone’s favorite song about chemistry, Moles. They closed with a cover they though no one would know, but I think everyone in Burlington knows Angel From Montgomery. It was cool to hear Sasha Alcott‘s take on it.

I chatted with Chris Viner and Sasha in the next break but soon it was time for them to hit the stage. They went back to the This Town EP for This Town, Ancient Future, Storm Cloud and There Are Some Things. They played Leave Me Lonely and Lean In, which is another favorite. The story of how The Whiskey Always Wins had lots of drama and fun then they kicked the night with ripping covers of Ballroom Blitz and You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

It was 1am and I had to work in the morning so I took the quick and happy walk home. The night could have gone many ways but I was content with the way it did.



When Particles Collide pic by Tim Lewis

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