The Nancy Druids at Radio Bean January 18, 2017   Leave a comment


The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last Wednesday at Radio Bean. I headed out the door about 9:45 and arrived at the club just before the 10pm showtime. The room was fairly empty but began to fill as The Nancy Druids lit into the set. Their sound begins with the rock solid drumming of Ann Mindell. John Franklin adds a harmonically pleasing bass line then Sean Toohey overlays some beautiful pop that gracefully flows from one section of the song to the next. His singing is warm and friendly and the songs shimmer with delight and rock you hard. They opened with The Sky Is All Around Me then rocked Just An Ordinary Breakdown Day super hard. They went off on a fun rock flight at the end of it. The song about January Looking For December sounded perfect and appropriate on a moderately cool evening. Sign had a nice bouncing bass line and Design sounded sweet. Since You Left me had a nice rock stomp then they filled the room with the shimmering The Space Between. Disappear is another gorgeous song and the one about the way things might have been is pretty great too. I missed the name of the park in the next song but the one after that, Halo, is one of my favorites. Ann has a killer drum part that adds power to the song and they ended it with another super over the top rip out the sky Sean guitar solo. They switched gears so Sean and John could express their appreciation for ’80’s Olivia Newton-John. Xanadu followed and was fun, if not actually rehearsed. Still, they made it sound like a Druids song, which was pretty cool. Falling was next and filled my heart with joy. The song about remembering who you are rocked hard, had another powerhouse drum part, and an epic over the top ending. They quieted it down a little for the closer, which was a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye.

I hung out and chatted for a bit but soon it was time for the lovely walk home. I feel so lucky to be able to take a 15 minute walk and hear music like this.



The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis



The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis



The Nancy Druids pic by Tim Lewis


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