The Welterweights and Anders Parker & Cloud Badge at ArtsRiot January 6, 2017   Leave a comment


The Welterweights photo by Luke Awtry photography


I had a great time seeing music a couple of weeks ago at ArtsRiot. I had seen Anders Parker Cloud Badge a couple of times before and have always been amazed. When I saw the show announced I put it right on the calendar.

I arrived just before doors opened and chatted with Luke Adam for a bit. It was not long until the opening band, The Welterweights, took the stage. With bass, drums, Lowell Thompson on guitar and vocals and Kelly Ravin on guitar and vocals, talent just oozed from the stage. Most of the songs had a bit of a country feel but many of them rocked nicely. The night was filled with some serious lead guitar interplay. They opened with something that might have been called Git Lost then followed with a familiar Lowell song Shoulda Known Better. They played a song about a little girl then one about someone to light my cigarettes for me. That one had a cool section about when the alcohol sets in. They played a song with the line I’ve been looking around then rocked nicely on Pretend. I think the next one was a cover that I did not know then they rocked hard on I want you to know. Up next was a song from Kelly’s Bonneville album that later prompted me to buy the album. They played a song about visions and conversations and rocked the night to a close with a Rockpile’s Teacher Teacher. They were pretty tremendous and it was only their second show.

The set break was not long then Anders Parker & Cloud Badge took the stage. With Anders on guitar and vocals, Creston Lea on Bass, Mark Spencer on pedal steel, and Steve Hadeka on drums, the band rocked hard through many twists and turns and were just staggeringly good. I did not know most of the songs but loved following along and seeing where they took me. They played a song about the way you feel inside and one about how it’s gotta be the wind drifting through the trees. That one was kind of drifty and dreamy. They played a song with a blues stomp then played the only song of the night that I knew. Don’t Let The Darkness In was featured on the second Live From The Fort album so I had heard it a few times. It’s a pretty cool song. They played a song that was beautiful and searing and followed it with a pretty country song. Anders told a story about driving to Newport and how the road takes many twists and turns. The song they played, The Road, started with a country feel then started to rock a little. It rocked a little more then even more and built into a giant epic rocker with an over the top guitar solo. It was magnificent. They played a slower song that was nice then an off kilter mid tempo rocker. Anders told a story about writing the next song for the George W Bush years and lamented that it was appropriate again. They closed the night with a heavy rocking Jackbooted Thugs (Have All The Best Drugs). It was pretty epic and a great way to close the night. It was a brilliant show and I hope they play again soon!!

All photos by Luke Awtry Photography Thanks Luke!!

luke-awtry-photograpy-anders-parker-and-cloud-badge-artsriot-01062017-012Anders Parker & Cloud Badge photo by Luke Awtry photography



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