Phil Yates And The Affiliates at Switchback Brewery September 2, 2016   Leave a comment

Phil Yates And The Affiliates at Switchback Brewery September 2, 2016

Phil Yates And The Affiliates at Switchback Brewery September 2, 2016



If you like a little danger with your rock and roll you should have seen Phil Yates & The Affiliates at Switchback Brewing Company last night. Anything could have happened. The crowd kept coming at the stage to try and hug Phil Yates mid song, gear was shoved out of the way and there was the endless requests for songs not on the set list. Despite the arduous conditions the band played it cool as they drove through a two-hour 27 song set. Phil sang and played electric guitar and was joined by the super-cool bass riff machine known as Raph Worrick, the super-small drum kit playing Jacob Blodgett, and the super lead guitar playing Kevin Stevens. The last member of the band to arrive walked in at 5:55 was set up by 6:00 and by 6:02 the band lit into opener Might As Well Settle. The fun and jangley pop song introduced the band to the room in a friendly way and the nice reception set the tone for the night. They played a lot of songs from both the Oh So Sour and No Need To Beg albums, played a few new songs and tossed in a couple of fun covers. I missed the second song but the neo-classic Grass Is Always Greener was an off set list audible call in the third spot. The easy to hum to She Has Your Name followed. They stayed with the first album for Pretty Girls then played another one that I missed. A cover of Camper Van Beethoven’s Take The Skinheads Bowling was super-fun. Could You Be The One rocked nicely and was followed by the Lizzie Borden inspired I Am A Hatchet. Up next they played Flicker then rocked out the newish My Favorite Bag. Due to the recent change of the calendar they rocked out a great version of Big Star’s September Gurls then found excitement in I’m Thrilled. They played another new one, maybe If Only I Was Lonely, then kicked it into high gear with Little French Earthquakes. I missed the title of the next one then they rocked out Ninjas Vs Zombies, which is one of my favorite songs. Co-Pilot followed and kept the place rocking. Up next was a really fun cover of a dB’s song that I did not know. Another new song called Send Him The Bill was fun then a couple of us sang along to Burn Burn Burn. As it was the beginning of the Friday Art Walk they had to pull out Masterpiece next. I Will Dare was another fun cover and filled the required Replacements song quota for the evening. Three Cheers seemed appropriate in the bar setting. They followed with one I did not know, but liked, called California Song then ended the set with a rocking Burn It Down Bernadette. The band left the stage but since it’s almost Phil’s birthday, he stayed and closed the night with Cracker’s Happy Birthday To Me. It was a heck of a show, and despite the challenges, they played it like champ



Phil Yates And The Affiliates at Switchback Brewery September 2, 2016

Phil Yates And The Affiliates at Switchback Brewery September 2, 2016

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