Maybe You by Tim Lewis   Leave a comment

Do you remember that day
When you were born
and you became you?

You stared up at your mother
and were no longer her
She was she and you cried at the realization of being you.

Maybe another parent joined mother
as you grew into becoming you.
Maybe they added to the image of you.

Maybe they changed you
maybe they defined you
and you moved towards an image of you.

Do you remember when you met the world?
In desperation, it defined you.
So it could understand you

Maybe you let that definition identify you
to the world and to you.
Maybe you created a life with that definition of you.

Maybe you realized that definition of you
was close but not exactly true.
You were still trying to be you.

Maybe you leaned to act to create a character
That seemed so much like you
It was almost the real you.

Maybe you learned to be a character
that was nothing like you
to give you a new definition of you.

Maybe you created music and art
to define the world
contextualized from your character of you

Maybe when you put your stamp
on the character you’ve created
some real you has sneaked through.

Maybe your character makes your life work out for you
Maybe your character works poorly for you
in the daily transactions you pursue.

As you grow into your strength
as you grow into your weaknesses
where is you and where is the definition of you?

and you break down as the years pass through
Your image and body will crumple
in our shared earthly zoo

And as you die, do you return to the real you?
Do you cling to the image you’ve created of you?
Do you try to drag that image into the next incarnation of you?

Can You?
Will You?
Be You!


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