The night I met Stevie Ray Vaughan   Leave a comment

Backstage pass 1989 pic by Tim Lewis

Backstage pass 1989 pic by Tim Lewis



I still remember the night clearly. Stevie and the band played a killer show then Mike and I and several others went backstage. I had met a couple of rock stars by then so I wasn’t worried about getting an autograph but when I saw him signing other peoples backstage passes I though it would be good to have him sign mine, since I intended to keep it for life. I was all super-confident when standing in line but when it was my turn I turned to mush and meekly asked him if he would sign it. He asked my name then signed it to Tim. He shook my hand and I’ve never felt a handshake that strong since. I meekly said that I really enjoyed the show and the last time I saw him was when he opened for Robert Pant at the Montreal Forum. He asked if I had ever met Robert and said he was a wonderful person and I really should meet him if I ever got the chance. He kept talking with me for several minutes and really cared. He was a great human being and one of the most tremendous guitar players I have ever seen.

I believe that was in 1989.



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