Phil Yates at Radio Bean August 21, 2016   Leave a comment

Phil Yates at Radio Bean August 21 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Phil Yates at Radio Bean August 21 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last night at Radio Bean. Usually, when I see Phil Yates it’s with his rocking band The Affiliates, but every once in a while he plays a solo show and it’s nice to hear the stripped down versions of his songs. The show was set to start at 9 and around 7 my friend Christopher Larrow texted to see if anything was happening. I let him know about the show and he stopped by around 8 and drove us down around 8:30. I meant to leave a little bit later but it worked out well that we did not. There was a show time snafu with the band after Phil set to go on at 9:30. We arrived at 8:40 and he took the stage at 8:43 and rocked for 45 minutes or so. With an acoustic guitar and his charming voice he began the night with She Has Your Name. He followed with I’m Thrilled then played a cool version of Grass Is Always Greener. He played a great version of Co-Pilot then followed with a brand new song that I think was called Fixin’ To Die. Ninjas Vs Zombies followed and still rocked hard in the acoustic format. I missed the name of the next song, something about good night or good morning, but it was a really nice song. Burn Burn Burn was fun, then he pulled out another newish song that I’ve seen the full band do a couple of times called My Favorite Bag. It worked quite well in the acoustic setting. The obligatory Replacements cover followed and this time it was Can’t Hardly Wait. He capped the night with Burn It Down Bernadette and ended just before 9:30. Even though I had seen a ton of music in the last few days, it was so worth the effort to see Phil play his lovely songs.


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