Silver Bridget at The Daily Planet August 17, 2016   Leave a comment

Silver Bridget at The Daily Planet August 17 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Silver Bridget at The Daily Planet August 17 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last night at The Daily Planet. The show was set to go from 8-10 so I arrived just before 8 and got a seat at the bar. Mike McGonegal was the perfect bartender and got me all set up before Silver Bridget took the stage. The band are a trio with Matt Saraca on electric guitar, John Townsend on acoustic guitar and Johnnie Day Durand on musical saw. They play instrumental versions of classic rock and pop songs and the saw gives the songs an other worldly quality. John usually adds in a bit of kick drum work but the stage was so small they skipped it for the night. They opened with Old Man and played songs such as Surfer Girl, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Crazy. Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon was very cool as was Falling In Love With You. They broke out some Bowie with Space Oddity and Starman then took a Beatles turn with She’s Leaving Home. They ended the first set where they began with a great version of Hey Hey, My My.

The set break was short and they returned with Somewhere Over The Rainbow and followed it with Creep. Set two featured songs like Follow The Sun, Blue Bayou, Nothing Compares To You and Only Love Can Break Your Heart. They played a few more songs, including Love Me Tender and ended with You Got It. An encore was requested and they ended the night with Nights In White Satin. They sounded great all night long and I’m so happy I went to see them.


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