Mal Maiz at Summervale Thursday August 4, 2016   Leave a comment

Mal Maiz at Summervale August 4 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Mal Maiz at Summervale August 4 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a good few minutes of seeing music last Thursday at the Intervale. Usually, I have Thursday’s off but it was busy at work that week, so I had to work until 7pm. Fortunately, the Summervale festival is a few dozen steps from my workplace at Gardener’s Supply so I was able to get in and seated around 7:05. I had a radio show to do that night at 9pm, so I had to leave at 7:30 but I was able to hang out and enjoy a few songs. Mal Maiz play Latin music that swings and sways and compels you to dance. The band is pretty huge and mostly fit on the stage. The accordion player wandered around the dancing green in front of the stage but everyone else fit on the stage. With a drummer, a bongo player, a bass player, an electric guitar player, a keyboard player, a trumpet player, a trombone player, a singer who played a hand percussion instrument, and Maiz Vargas Sandoval on acoustic guitar and vocals, the band have a lush full sound. The rhythms were tight and compelling and a couple of the songs had a nice dramatic edge. With the area in front of the stage filled with small children I found a seat on the ground but the music still kept me swaying back and forth. I was only able to catch four or five songs, but they all sounded nice. As the clock changed to 7:30 I took the long walk up the hill, stopped briefly at home, then headed downtown to get set for my show.



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