Invisible Homes and Villanelles at Nectar’s July 6, 2016   Leave a comment

Invisible Homes at Nectar's July 6 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Invisible Homes at Nectar’s July 6 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last night at Nectar’s. There were lots of great music choices for a Wednesday night but the double bill at the iconic club seemed too good to pass up.

The show said doors at 9:30 and I really did not want to miss anything and arrived just about that time. I hung out for the sound check and just after 10pm Invisible Homes hit the stage. Their songs take interesting twists and turns and I really enjoy them. They opened with the catchy Little Song and then launched into Above The Frequency which is one of my favorite songs. I love each section and the way it moves through them. The continued on playing tunes from their album Song For My Double including the title song. They played the new song All Your Basis which has a cool Adrian Belew vibe to it. This Machine was played well late in the set and in the end the played 10 great song over an hours time. They are such a great band. I’m so psyched I was there for every note.


Villanelles at Nectar's July 6 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Villanelles at Nectar’s July 6 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


After about a 25 minute set change Villanelles hit the stage and rocked it hard. Their songs are fast and fun and have a nice feel to them. They played a bunch of songs from their new album Blue Heart Attack. They played songs from the animal kingdom that ranged from Shy Spiders to Sharktopus. They did great versions of Farside and the ripping rocker Heartbreak Baby. They played My Sharona into All I Want Is You. Their 16 song set spanned about 90 minutes and was wonderful for every moment. They are playing every Wednesday in July, so I’m sure I will catch them again a few more times.



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