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WBKM by Tim Lewis

WBKM by Tim Lewis


Last night’s local music radio sow on WBKM 107.1FM went as follows:

Song before: Strange Phenomena – Kate Bush


From our small city to the great big word, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. Last week I saw a ton of great new music at the Eat More Kale Festival and want to highlight as much of that music as I could track down. I wish I had found more, but did find some treasures like this song:

1.) Not I – Andriana Chobot
2.) Here Comes The Sun – Aaron Flinn
3.) One From Two – Linda Bassick
4.) Kentucky – Cricket Blue

I had a great time seeing Cricket in City Hall Park in Burlington on Friday and loved their version of that song. I don’t have any music by Steady Betty to play, so I thought I’d toss in one of Linda’s songs, since she writes some of the Betty songs. Aaron played a great version of Sun at the kale festival. Andriana was amazing at the kale festival and I love all of her songs, especially that one. OK, let’s play the next song on Giant Places, the album I am playing all the way through, one song per week, until the album is through.

5.) Gone With Eraser – Lendway
6.) Better Off – Haley Jane and the primates
7.) Piano In Every Room – gneiss
8.) Soul Piggy Bank – SWALE

Last week after I played Piano I though ti would mix nicely into Piggy. I think that went quite well. Haley and the band put on an amazing show at the kale fest. I can’t wait for their new album which just got funded through Kickstarter. Hmmm, Lendway. This next band put on an amazing show at the kale festival and their upcoming album is going to be a huge step forward and I can barely wait.

9.) Let’s Move – Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band
10.) Strings – Binger
11.) Friends Share Lovers – And The Kids
12.) Shy Spiders – Villanelles

Their new album Blue Heart Attack is easily one of the best albums of the year so far. They will be playing every Wednesday at Nectar’s and I want to catch some of those shows. ATK are at ArtsRiot on Saturday and I hope to be there. I’ve been lucky enough to catch Binger a couple of times lately, including the kale festival, They always seem to play a ripping version of Strings. I cant wait to see Kat Wright and the band play at the waterfront for the July 3rd celebration. They were so stunning at the kale festival. OK, this next singer is playing Nectar’s on Friday.

13.) Better Half – Abbie Morin
14.) I’ve Been Down – Bob Wagner
15.) The Day I Met You – Dirtminers
16.) Stop – REDadmiral

I really wanted to see Admiral release their album Tuesday at Nectar;s but was ill and could not make it. Next time! I just love that old Dirtminers song. Bob is such a wonderful guy and a serious talent in our music scene. That’s a cover and as far as I am concerned, the can play covers or originals or whatever he wants, as long has he keeps playing. He is tremendously talented. Great song from Abbie Gail. OK, let’s keep rocking and then kick up the pace a lot.

17.) Silver And Gold – Waylon Speed!
18.) Stick That In Your Juicebox And Sip It – Better Things
19.) Welcome To The Hellmouth – Doom Service

Doom and Better were set to play Thursday night at The Monkey House but I later heard that Doom had to drop out. I hope everything is well. BT are just a great band and always worth checking out. Waylon are such a classic local band. OK, I’m feeling a bit off and the voice is fading so let’s close tonight with a super long super heavy magnificent piece of art.

20.) Pastoral – Vultures of Cult

I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we? Ta ta. Farewell. See Ya….

21.) Sayonara – Black Rabbit

Songs after: Sunsets On Empire – Fish
Hinterland – TILT
Block – The Church Band

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