In The Moment at Red Square June 26, 2016   Leave a comment

In The Moment at Red Square June 26 2016 oic by Tim Lewis

In The Moment at Red Square June 26 2016 oic by Tim Lewis


I had a good time seeing music last Sunday at Red Square. I spent all day Saturday in Montpelier seeing 19 bands at the Eat More Kale festival and arrived home at Midnight. I woke up at 8:30 Sunday morning, wrote up the Cricket Blue show from Friday then went to grab a cup of coffee. I returned quickly and started in on the kale write up. I finished all the writing and posting and tagging and picture insertions by 3:30 and had a little time free.

In The Moment had a show booked that had been on my radar for a while. I had seen Charlie Messing play guitar a couple of times at shows with multiple bands so i knew he could play. I see him out supporting other local musicians all the time and that just made me want to check out his band even more. The music was billed as minimalist improvisation, so that sounded challenging. I had friends coming over at 8:30, and the show ran from 7-11. I thought that maybe just stopping in and listening from 7-8 would be doable and at 6:45 I took the sunny walk downtown.

I arrived a hair after 7 but they had not gone on yet, so I got to say a quick hello. I got a drink, moved to the alley, and found a nice table to stand at. Charlie played electric baritone guitar and the rest of In The Moment comprised Chanon Bernstein on drums and Patrick Markley on bass. Charlie said they were going to play some space R&B and I think the first song was called SETI. The bass and drums started with a slow steady groove that felt very open and adaptable. It reminded me of the middle of a long Doors song where the band had to be ready to go anywhere. Charlie added flourishes with his guitar and the music slowly turned into a conversation. It was fun to watch the interplay between the three of them as they let the songs wander along. Charlie added fun sounding keyboard loops to the mix and the music bounced along in the advertised minimalist way. Everyone’s playing was excellent and over the hour or so that I was there Charlie seemed to try and pull out every possible sound from his guitar. His mic stand slide was done well and I enjoyed all of the string scratching. Each song meandered on with very subtle shifts to the rhythms. After each song Charlie walked up to the mic and said something that may have been the song titles. If they were, then I caught the previously mentioned SETI, Bet Your Boots, Wherever You Are There You Go, Trouble in Paradise, and Run Time.

A little ways into the last song I finished off my drink ,and since it was just after 8, I headed out the door and totally slacked about choosing one of the free books the band were giving out. The walk home was easy and relaxed and I reflected on being happy that I pushed myself to try a form of music that is outside of my comfort zone. Our town has such a wonderfully wide variety of musical options that I am eternally grateful.


Free Books

Free Books


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