Near North, Meadowhawks, and Phil Yates & The Affiliates at Nectar’s June 20, 2016   Leave a comment

Near North at Nectar's June 20 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Near North at Nectar’s June 20 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music last night at Nectar’s. I saw a lot of music on Friday and Saturday and had a quiet Sunday, so by Monday night I was itching to get back into the fray. The show said doors at 9 so I assumed the show would start around 9:30. Just after 9 I took the lovely walk downtown and arrived around twenty after.

Near North were on stage and rocking when I walked in. I got settled and found a place to stand and began to listen. They are a trio with electric guitar/singer, bass and drums. The music was solid rock with some catchy choruses. John has a nice clear voice and sang songs about zombies and things. He mostly played chunky chords but pulled out a nice lead break here and there. Chris played the drums with a steady fury and drove the songs nicely. Joe worked hard to get every bass note and seemed to always be jumping around. It’s almost worth going to see them just to watch Joe. Of course, it’s really worth going to see them because of the songs. Several of them really caught me and I will have to go search for their music soon. In the late middle part of the set they pulled out a cover of Where Is My Mind? and that is when the dancers appeared, It started with the blonde in the black dress but then she got her three friends and they danced hard to the rock music for the rest of the set. You just have to love that enthusiasm.



Meadowhawks at Nectar's June 20 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Meadowhawks at Nectar’s June 20 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


The set break was short and then Meadowhawks took the stage, They are from Hudson NY and were a trio too. Ryan MacLean sang and played an electric 12-String and I did not catch the name of the drummer or bass player. The music was pretty rocking with some odd fun changes here and there. The quirkiness did not stop the dancers and I had fun trying to follow where the music was going. With songs like Sweet Liberty and Social Network Apocalypse the songs had a nice balance between the music and lyrics. They wrapped the set with Drunk On Wall Street and with a little luck, they will come back and play for us again soon.



Phil Yates and the Affiliates at Nectar's June 20 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Phil Yates and the Affiliates at Nectar’s June 20 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


The set break was about 10 minutes but the dancers left anyway. It’s too bad since Phil Yates & The Affiliates opened with the super fun hard rocking Little French Earthquakes. They kept the pace at full tilt with Might As Well Settle then eased up a bit with She Has Your Name. The next four were new songs and I really liked them all. Songs like Co-Pilot, Burn Burn Burn, and Masterpiece filled out the end of the set and they closed with a delightfully hard rocking Burn It Down, Bernadette. The songs are so well crafted and the band plays so well, it’s a shame more people did not get out to see them, but those of us who did were nicely rewarded.

I said a quick goodbye then took the rainy walk home.

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