Letter to Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Chuck Grassley   Leave a comment


I sent the following letter to Senator Mitch McConnell and to Senator Chuck Grassley this morning about their baffling refusal to do their jobs.



“Dear Senator McConnell,

As a citizen of the United States I am writing to ask you to change your mind and consider the appointment of Justice Merrick Garland to the seat on the Supreme Court that was vacated by the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia in February of 2016.  For the last four months America has had to endure a diminished judicial branch, which is one third of the government that our founding fathers created for us..  The President made an appointment about a month after the passing of Justice Scalia and at that point it became the job of the Senate to consider Justice Garland and determine if he was worthy of being on the court.  Apparently, the Senate has just refused to do its job, perhaps because it finds more value in serving the Republican party that it does to serve the United States Of America.  How else could you describe a Senator that blatantly refuses to follow the Constitution?
I expect this request will fall on deaf ears since the Senator seems to not care, but on the small chance that you really do hold the idea of The United States Of America as a dear and valuable thing, I implore you to hold hearings for Justice Garland as soon as possible.  America needs all three branches of government to work well to operate at peak capacity.  By willfully crippling the Supreme Court and bottling up Congress, all of the power currently rests in the executive branch, which our founding fathers warned us against.
What is to gain from not holding hearings for Justice Garland?  When Hillary Clinton is elected President she may choose Justice Garland again, or choose someone who is closer to the political left.  If Mr Trump is elected he will choose Judge Judy or some other reality TV star.  The same sort of thinking that refuses to consider Justice Garland is what has made Mr Trump the Republican nominee, and by doing so, has insured that no Republican will ever rise through the ranks again and become the nominee.  The candidate for President from the Republican party from now on will be someone with a famous name and a big bankroll.  I’m not sure why you have chosen to do that to the Republicans, but you obviously have.
Soon it will be the Fourth of July and many of us will celebrate this wonderful country we were so fortunate to be born into.  If the Senator still refuses to do his job, I would respectfully ask you to refrain from any celebration of the birth of our country.  If you are actively working against the Constitution of the United States Of America, and you say you love our country, your words will be hollow and meaningless and Americans need a lot more from our Senators than that.

Thank you for considering my opinion,




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