Madaila on Church St and Art Herttua at Radio Bean June 10, 2016   Leave a comment

Madaila on Church St June 10 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Madaila on Church St June 10 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

I had a good time seeing a little music yesterday. I had been meaning to check out Madaila, since everyone says they are so good. With the afternoon off, and them playing to top block on Church St, it seemed easy enough.

I got going a little slow and arrived around 5:15. The band were on stage and jamming. They sounded super tight and the vocals of guitarist Mark Daly and bassist Jer Coons were quite impressive. Eric B. Maier’s keys lay a sheen of ’80’s synth over the sound and Dan Ryan’s drumming was rock solid. Willoughby Morse added a few sweet lead guitar breaks. Normally, this would be enough to pull me to the front of the stage, but the song they were playing when I arrived was Disco Inferno, so I just hung out and listened. The next song was much cooler and had a nice airy feel to it. It turned out to be one of their own songs called Trying To Be Heard. It didn’t light me up, but got me moving a bit. Up next they lit into a solid What’s Love Got To Do With It. They played it extremely well, and gave it a bit of a long jammed out ending. After that, they said they would take a break and had two more sets after that.

I decided I’d head over to Radio Bean to catch some jazz, since I assumed they would have someone pretty amazing. Art Herttua started playing so quietly that I was not sure if the first part was a soundcheck or the beginning. He played a gentle electric guitar and was joined by a drummer, whose name I missed. The music was very peaceful yet had a nice structure to the songs. I did not know any of them, but Art said a couple were Coltrane songs. The drummer used brushes on the snare and sneaked in a kick drum beat here and there. It was move like he used the brushes to paint the notes instead of playing the drums. Art’s guitar playing was similar in that it sounded like he would paint the air with a note, then continue on until the composition was complete. With sunlight streaming in the window the pacific complexity of the songs just flowed with the passing time. The quiet crowd came and went with a couple of us focusing on the sound and most letting the sound surround them. I hung out until my drink was done and knew it was time to wander on.

I briefly though about heading back to Church St, but the idea of more disco did not enthrall me, so I wandered home. Neither of the bands I saw lit me up musically, and both were quite a ways out of my comfort zone, but I find it important to listen to different music now and then because that it is the best way to find new music that will get me going, Also, it’s great to share in the staggering talent that gets played in our town. I always appreciate the effort it takes to get on the stage and sometimes love the playing, even if I don’t love the song.

Art Herttua at Radio Bean June 10, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Art Herttua at Radio Bean June 10, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis


Note from  Art Herttua · Thanks so much Tim, a very thoughtful and well written review. The drummer is Ray Carroll.



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