Silver Bridget at American Flatbread and Steady Betty at Radio Bean June 6, 2016   Leave a comment

American Flatbread June 6 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Silver Bridget at American Flatbread June 6 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

I had a great time seeing music yesterday at American Flatbread Burlington Hearth and Radio Bean. I had the day off and had a relaxing morning and early afternoon. The Silver Bridget show had been on my radar for a couple of weeks and as the afternoon wore on, I started counting down the time. A little before 5 I took the lovely warm sun-filled walk downtown. I walked into Flatbread and headed out to the sun-filled alley. I got a table close to the band, ordered some food and a beer and waited for the show to begin.

It was not a long wait until Silver Bridget began to play. They are an instrumental three-piece with Matt Saraca on electric guitar, John Townsend on acoustic guitar & kick drum and Johnnie Day Durand on the musical saw. The acoustic guitar tends to drive the rhythm of the song and the electric fills out the structure. The saw soars on top and fills out the melody and often plays the part of the lyrics. There is something that is both endearing and enticing about their sound. The songs are all covers and are rearranged just enough that some are tough to spot. They are a fun band to see with a couple of friends so you can figure them all out. Being solo did not stop me and I listened close as they began with Blue Bayou. Crazy followed then they played a gorgeous version of Only Love Can Break Your Heart. Surfer Girl came next then I’ll Follow The Sun was the first of several Beatles songs. They went back to Neil with Harvest Moon and it sounded happy and mellow in the sun. The next one was the first that I did not know but it had a dark and mysterious feel, and was delightful to hear. They said it was from a film and I think it was something by Mancini. They did a great version of Nothing Compares To You, then I missed the next one. All Apologies was really fun then they went back to Neil for Hey Hey My My. I missed the next two, but really enjoyed them. I think one was a Beatles song. They ended set one with a luscious Starman.

I had eaten most of my flatbread so when the waitress asked if I wanted the rest wrapped up, I happily said yes. She brought it back with the check. Since I was alone at a four-person table, I just checked out and went to the bar inside to get another drink. I loved set one and had no intention of missing a note of set two. I found a place to stand that was not too in the way and the band began the second set with the instantly recognizable Girl You’ll Be A Woman soon. It had a nice Urge Overkill Pulp Fiction feel to it. They followed with a cool version of Space Oddity and Matt really ripped out the take off part. They went back to the Beatles for Nowhere Man and She’s Leaving Home. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down was fun, as was Waterloo Sunset. A great version of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road came next and I thought they might follow it with Over the Rainbow. Instead Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah was next, but around half way in, they shifted it into Rainbow. My guess was so close. I went back to the bar for another drink and missed the next song but was back for Nights In White Satin. A great version of Radiohead’s Creep was just wonderful. They followed with a bouncy You Got It. They closed the night with the Neil Young classic Old Man. They audience had been quietly approving of the music all afternoon long and expressed it by heartily asking for another song. The band looked at each other, shrugged and ended where they began with Blue Bayou. All together, if my notes are correct, they played 28 songs over two and a half hours. I was so happy to be able to listen to all of it.

I said a couple of quick goodbyes then headed out. I wandered up Church st and caught a blues rock song by Left Eye Jump who were playing on the stage at the top of the block. I was just going to wander by, but some nice lead guitar work stopped me in my tracks and I had to listen until the song ended. I was a bit tired and full but did want to make one more stop.

I headed over to Radio Bean and Steady Betty were on stage and jamming. Their rock steady music is not my favorite but the sheer talent in the band makes me want to listen. Hearing Kat Wright and Miriam Bernardo sing is always a treat. Linda Bassick‘s guitar playing is just great, as is Caroline Marie‘s bass. The drummer is super steady and the horn section hits their notes precisely. I knew I did not have much left but hung out until my drink was done then took the lovely walk home.

There was a lot of other cool music happening that night, but I was pleased to catch as much as I did. Not too bad for the first day of vacation.

Steady Betty at Radio Bean June 6, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

Steady Betty at Radio Bean June 6, 2016 pic by Tim Lewis

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