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I’m not there yet, but I’m thinking.  I think it was the clerk who would not issue any marriage licenses that made me want to ask if she was a Christian.  Jesus never said anything about gay people so how do you know it’s right to take a stand against them?  Didn’t Jesus say love everyone?

I  was thinking about the end of the world.  What did Jesus say about how the world would end?  Revelation has some terrifying stories, but weren’t they some of the stories that were used to scare people back in the day?  What did Jesus say about the end times?  Maybe he didn’t say anything because he knew our temporary home would go on and on, and he knew the best way for it to go on and on would be if we all loved each other.  That’s always the message I’ve gotten from Jesus, and why I believe more in the fish than in the cross.

Just some thoughts.






Posted September 1, 2015 by tmusicfan in Religion

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