Elephants Of Scotland at the Money Hose March 26, 2015   Leave a comment

The Monkey House photo by Tim Lewis

The Monkey House photo by Tim Lewis


I had a great time seeing music at The Monkey House last night. Showtime was listed as 8:30, so as 8 I bundled up, grabbed the umbrella and walked through the chilly misty night to Winooski. I was walking a little slow but made it in the door of the club just about exactly on time. The band were set up onstage but were working out the kinks in the sound. I grabbed a drink and hung out for a bit, but soon it was time for the show.

Elephants of Scotland hit the stage with a huge sound and rocked hard through Endless (pt1). They sounded great as they let it mellow out for the transition into part 2, which then rocked hard again. They followed with the mellow and dramatic Amber Waves, which really caught the audience’s attention. At the end of the song I noticed Christopher Larrow had arrived, and we chatted briefly until the band started up again. They played most of the first two albums, but also had two new ones for us. The one with the long title, maybe about a teapot, was really dense and had a lot of changes but the music would resolve into some sweet choruses now and then, and I really liked it a lot. The other new one, the scary song about a ghost, had a lot going on in it too. If those two are a reflection of where the third album is going to go, I think all of their fans are going to be happy. As much of an evolution as the second album was from the first, I think there will be another level jump to the third album. It’s so great watching bands grow.
Late in the set they were not sure if they had more time, but they did. A tremendous trio of A Different Machine, Full Power, and Starboard wrapped the night in prog glory. What a fun show!

Chris was tired and I kind of wanted to stay for Drakeville who were on next, but I was full of music too, and the offer of a ride home instead of staying and walking was too tempting, so I took the easy ride home.


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