Crazyhearse at Radio Bean February 24, 2015   Leave a comment

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

I had a good time seeing music that Tuesday night at Radio Bean. I’ve been wanting to see Crazyhearse again and missed them the previous Friday when they played the Monkey House, since I went to two other shows that night. They were opening for Honky Tonk Tuesday so I thought I could slip in, rock out for a bit and make it an early night. I arrived just before 9 and they were set and almost ready to go. I settled in and they began playing a full rich sounding country song. They stayed with the country song theme for the whole show and did not pull out any of the rock songs. I was a bit bummed, but the sound was so full and gorgeous that I enjoyed it anyway. The lead singer played a lot of lead guitar on his acoustic but ran it through some electronics to give it a nice sting. The rhythm electric guitarist balanced the leads nicely and gave the songs an extra edge. The Big booming bass kept things bouncing along and the ultra-spare drum kit was used to maximum effectiveness. Wyatt Beaudry‘s keys were not a piano sound, but more just a musical flow that filled out the sound. The singer was fun and kept the audience engaged. His song about What’s This Here Sauce had some great lyrics and perfectly described the mystery that is Worcestershire sauce. They skipped rockers like Windigo, Demon Moon and Dead Or In Jail, but when the singer swapped the acoustic for the electric banjo, a couple of songs rocked a bit. They played around an hour then made way for the Honky Tonk crew. I headed out shortly after they finished. Even though it was not quite my preference, they just sounded so good that I’m glad I put in the effort.


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