Maryse Smith at Radio Bean February 7, 2015   Leave a comment

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis


If you are a fan of the music of Maryse Smith, Radio Bean was the place to be last night. I got out of work at 5:30, made some dinner, got ready, and around 20 of 7, headed out the door. It was one of those beautiful Vermont winter nights. It was comfortably above 0, so not too cold, and the sidewalks were pretty slushy. I was able to get a great walking pace in a sliding, almost skating sort of way. I made great time and slipped into the half filled club. I grabbed a seat at the bar an soon enough, she lit into her set. I didn’t recognize the first couple, and think they were new, and they were really good. She then started mixing classics from her first album with a lot of new songs from her about to be released second album. Old friends like Liar, Garden Flower, and 15 Steps sat nicely with newer songs like I Forgot. Several of the new ones had great lyrical hooks and are already becoming new favorites. The crowd was a mix of people into the show and people waiting for a table at Dueno !Duino! (Duende), then getting a table, and a new group moving into the Bean for drinks while waiting for a table. Despite the commotion, for the most part people were listening, enjoying and paying attention. It was a pretty nice space to be in. When her hour was close to being up, she pulled out a killer version of Good Thing, then tossed in another and called it a night. I’m very psyched to get to know the new songs even better, and am sure I will get a chance to soon. After she wrapped up, I said a quick goodbye and took the fun skate-walk home.



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