Joe Adler And The Rangers of Danger and Mammal Dap at Radio Bean January 17, 2014   Leave a comment

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis


As a music fan I’m pretty sated tonight. As a rocker I had to wait until the second Joe Adler & The Rangers Of Danger set at Radio Bean, but when it came it was magnificent. Burning Down the House was fun to start the Rangers second set, but the one two punch of The Mime into Brothers And Sisters was all the rock and roll glory I could ever want. Since Johnnie Day Durand was not there to play the saw I assumed Mammal Dap’s keyboard player would take the part, but it ended up going to Gnomedad’s sax player and he played it majestically. The slowburn ending with a bit of Horse Latitudes was pretty sweet. They lightened it up a little after that with Shoreline In Jersey, but mostly brought the rock. A Quiet Pun was great and Spit ‘N Fire Blues just rocked. They ended the night with a huge jammed out rocking ending.
The show started around 10:45 with Mammal Dap playing some powerful and precise jazz fusion, but I always have a hard time with that. I loved their sound and their playing was really intense, it’s just that none of the pieces made sense to me as songs. Consider that a comment about myself and not the band. They played 45 minutes or so then called for Joe. He was not there so they tossed in a Jeff Beck song that kept the audience dancing. Joe, Eric and Samara Lark Brown showed up after and joined them to be the Mammals Of Danger, and played most, if not all, of Joe’s album Many Things & Many Scenes. They opened with Mirror Mirror, then rocked out a fun Hungry Like The Wolf. Aya Inoue joined Samara on backing vocals for a bunch of songs like Many A Girl, Cloudy Mind, Relax and the title song. They wrapped the set with Walk On The Wild side then Mammal Dap took over for another set. It was cool but did not amaze me, again that’s my bias speaking, the band were hot. They played a few songs then brought it back to Ranger level to rock the night away.
Thanks everyone!!!


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