Dino Bravo and Blue Button at Club Metronome November 20, 2014   Leave a comment

I had a good time seeing music, wow it really was two weeks ago Thursday, at Club Metronome. Dino Bravo VT were doing the Rock Candy one Thursday a month thing.
I did my radio show a few feet away at Wbkm Dot Org and missed the opening set by Phil Yates & The Affiliates. When I walked in, just after 11, Dino Bravo were onstage with Lily Sickles ripping up a killer version of Pop Music (On The Radio). They followed with a heavy rocking Candy Sticks and closed the night with a rousing version of Wet Sheddy (did I get that title right or was I past the mark?). I wish I had caught a bit more, but the couple of songs I was there for, rocked me perfectly.
There was a bit of a set break, but before long, Blue Button hit the stage as the full glorious 5 piece. The sound at Metronome was nicely mixed and let the band tear through a great set of punk music. They opened with Hit and rocked hard with My Bitter End, How It Goes, and a killer version of We’re Closed. For the next bit they brought out a bunch of new songs. I’m just getting to know some of them, but they were all really fun in concert. At one point they threatened to do a cover of Cold Gin and I was a little disappointed when they didn’t, but their new songs were really good and they tossed in a few classics towards the end of the set. Effing Burning Bridges was brilliant as always as the guitars ripped their way through the song. They ended the night with the classic Bullshit and that was it.
It made for a bit of a late night, with a bit of an early start at work the next day, but it was worth it to see such a great band in their prime.

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