Hana Zara at Radio Bean September 17, 2014   Leave a comment


Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis

Radio Bean picture by Tim Lewis


I had a good time seeing music last Wednesday when Hana Zara played at Radio Bean. Wednesday is a day off, so when I saw the show listed in the club’s calender, I was psyched. She was set to go on at 5:30, so a little after 5 I took the easy walk down to the Bean. I got in and settled as she adjusted her acoustic guitar and microphone. She started playing and singing and weaving us into her spell. There is something about the pacing of her songs and how enchanting her voice is, that just quietens the room. Her lyrics are so visceral that it’s like listening to a movie unfold before your ears. She played a few songs that she wrote while in Spain earlier this year, including one that was sung in Spanish. She played a few of the songs she has written since her last album Tatterhood, that she had in her set before Spain, but most of the set was newer than that. I loved every note of the show, and now have a bunch of new favorite songs. She played for about an hour. She told a couple of stories, but mostly let the music speak for her. I was riveted from the opening strains of Dylan’s One More Cup Of Coffee to the final notes of The North. When the last note faded, I took the short walk home in a state of quiet bliss.


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