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I just got back from doing my local music radio show on internet only Wbkm Dot Org. It had a bit of a season changing light and dark theme going.

Song before: Internal Exile – Fish



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. The last few weeks, when I’ve walked down to do the show, there has been a little light left in the sky. Tonight there was none, darkness has come. This bend just released their new album and it features several of my favorite songs that have been played around town recently. I’ve been waiting and waiting to be able to play this song. This is the title song from Swale‘s new album The Next Instead on WBKM, and this is Burlington’s Kind Of Music.

1.) The Next Instead – Swale
2.) Brothers And Sisters – Joe Adler & The Rangers Of Danger
3.) I’ve Arrived – Anachronist

Great new song from the VT band’s new album Static and Light. It was fun to listen to that album this morning. Great song from Joe Adler and the Rangers. Yea, I can play the Swale song any time I want now. The night is dark and the weather is chilly. Here is a song about the cold.

4.) Lithuania – Hana Zara
5.) Ordinary Day – Milton Busker
6.) 15 Steps – Maryse Smith
7.) Leonard Cohen – Violette Ultraviolet

I love it when I get to see VU play. Sunday at Radio Bean Joe and friends are doing a tribute to Leonard and will play lots of his songs. On Saturday Milton will play a set. Tomorrow at the Bean Ryan Ober‘s band will play. It looks like I will be spending some time there this weekend. I went there on Wednesday and saw Hana play a ton of new songs. What a great show. Maryse walked through at one point. Here is another great Vermont artist.

8.) Pauses – Lowell Thompson and Crown Pilot
9.) Where Are You Tonight? – The Lonestar Chain
10.) Days Remain The Same – Waylon Speed
11.) Waiting For You – Swale

Another great song from Swale’s new album. Waylon always rock, though that’s a bit of a mellower song. Great song from Burette Douglas and a few of Burlington’s finest. Same for the Lowell song and band. Congratulations to Carly Comando and Tom Patterson on their marriage and for putting a new effort into getting on the road with their band. Here are a couple of their songs. I hope they come to town when they start traveling.

12.) Until The Day I Die (pt 1) – Slingshot Dakota
13.) Until The Day I Die (pt 2) – Slingshot Dakota
14.) Golgi Apparatus – The Pants
15.) Crow King – Binger

I just got Binger’s new album Roots In The Rabbit Hole. I saw them kick off The Precipice: A Vermont Music Festival this year and really liked them. I have to get to know the album a bit. The Pants are a classic Burlington band having a bit of fun. I’m hoping Justin Gonyea was serious about bringing Slingshot back to town. Last Friday my brother Ken and I, and a couple of friends from work went to the Monkey House to see Shepard’s Pie, The Cave Bees and this band. I can’t believe how much Jane Boxall added to their sound. This set is dedicated to Ken and this is the song they opened with:

16.) Mark My Words – Black Rabbit
17.) Mine All Mine – Cave Bees
18.) Not A Nice Guy – ROUGH FRANCIS
19.) Popular Crowd – Swale

Another killer song from Swale’s new album. Great song from Francis, a band who could break huge any moment now. Great song about an alligator from the Bees. Up next is the last song from Zola Turn’s Ninja Jane album. This is one of the great rock songs to have come out of Burlington.

20.) It’s Real Again – Zola Turn
21.) Sun In The Sky – Ninja Custodian
22.) Boys With Guns – Chin Ho!

Three classic Burlington bands. With so much strife in the world, and boys with guns ruling harshly, it’s nice to watch what is happening in Scotland and the UK. Whether they separate or stay together, the process they are using to decide is very civil, and a wonderful model on how to make such a large change. As summer has faded into fall, the sun in the sky is coming in at a different angle and night is expanding.

23.) Angle Of The Sun – Peg Tassey MUSIC
24.) Two Of Us – Anachronist

Another great song from the new Anachronist album. I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?



Song after: Heart Of Lothian – Fish




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