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Jon Stewart “But, Iowa was not all Hillary all the time.”

Reporter September 15, 2014 “Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was also in Iowa this weekend, testing the waters, perhaps, for a Presidential campaign of his own in 2016.”

Reporter speaking to Sanders September 14, 2014 “Is Iowa ready for Hillary?  Are Democrats ready for Hillary?”

Stewart “Oh for bleep’s sake.  (imitates reporter) Bernie Sanders, you’re a good man filled with wisdom that comes with age, a Diogenes for this modern era, one of the few independents to earn a place at the Washington table.  What do you think of Hillary Clinton?  Well, if this is the question you’re asking the Senator, we might as well hear the answer.”

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “Well, I think the answer is that Iowa and America does not want to anoint anybody.”


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