Phil Yates and the Affiliates and The Mountain Says No at The Monkey House and And The Kids at Radio Bean June 20, 2014   Leave a comment

I just got back from a great night of music. At 8:35 I took the walk to The Monkey House and arrived just before 9. After a short wait, Phil Yates and the Affiliates played a great set of new and old music. It seemed like half the songs were from Oh So Sour and half were new. I really liked the whole show, but the new songs really stood out. The song about Bernadette was really solid, and the closer, Little French Earthquakes, rocked hard. I always have fun when they play

I thought Pooloop would be on second, but they were on third. The Mountain Says No took the stage with the title song, and played a killer heavy rock set. There are some songs that are becoming favorites and some that are very new, but they are in that place where they are creating and playing some very exciting music. They mellowed things out a bit with 3000, a cheery tale about carnage in the woods, but mostly kept it rocking. Statistic soared and closer, Bomb, rocked wonderfully hard. Their hour long set was complete bliss

Pooloop are cool, but it’s hard to come on after such a heavy band. I settled up, and took the long walk home. I stopped in briefly,, but knew And The Kids were playing at Radio Bean soon, so I headed back out. I arrived for the end of the last song by Bella’s Bartok, then settled in for the wait. It was a reasonably quick turnover and the girls let loose a killer dancey rock sound. They opened with Neighbors, which is light and airy then lit in with the rock. The drums were furious, the keys bouncy and bright, and the guitar was strong and surging. They played a killer version of Wiser, and from there I just got lost in the show. They played a long time and I enjoyed every note. They got a heavily requested encore and played a cover I did not know, and that was that. I slipped out the door and took the, shorter than earlier, walk home in a happy, peaceful state.


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