My letter to Senator Sanders about the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling   Leave a comment

Dear Senator Sanders,

Like many Americans, I was absolutely shocked to hear of the decision in the Hobby Lobby case that The Supreme Court handed down today.  How they could allow a Christian belief to legally let a business get between a woman and her doctor s beyond me.  But, maybe that is how things are going.

The thing is, in some ways they are right.  As a Christian, I have moral objections to the way we collectively spend money.  It is my sincerely held religious belief that nowhere in the Bible does it say that the citizens must pay for health care for their judges.  Since they have stated that they know better than a woman’s doctor, there should be no reason for any citizen to pay for their health care.  I ask you to begin preparing legislation that makes it illegal for any member of the judiciary to be paid health care benefits.  Your Republican friends should agree, since they are very fond of saying, if it’s not in the Bible, we can’t do it/

I hate to tell you what to do, but it’s sort of your job to listen to me, and the rest of the citizens of Vermont, and the United States, and try and enact our will.  I really feel that by beginning the process of creating legislation and announcing that you are creating legislation, to insure the American people can be freed from the burden of paying for the health care of judges who know so much about health care, they apparently don’t need it.  It’s a simple waste of money, and was clearly explained by The Supreme Court of the United States of America that if a Christian objects to it, it should not be done.  I certify that I am a Christian and my sincerely held religious beliefs make me feel abused when I realize I am paying for health care for people who treat half our our population as property that should always remain barefoot, pregnant and subservient to me.  It is offensive to me and action must be taken.

Thank you for considering my sincerely held religious belief.



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