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I just got back from my local music radio show on internet only WBKM.ORG. I played a lot of bands who have, or just about to release new albums. I played a couple who are not.

Song Before: Vale – MIDLAKE BAND



From our small city to the great big world, these are the sounds Of Burlington. It was sunny today and it’s been in the high ’30’s and low ’40’s all week and the snow and ice are melting. It feels like flowers could start blooming and the world is coming to life and musicians are set to release the new music that the have grown. Elephants of Scotland released their new album, Execute and Breathe, on April 1st and they played a killer two sets at Nectar’s that night. This is Endless part 1, on WBKM, and this is Burlington’s Kind Of Music.

1.) Endless pt 1 – Elephants of Scotland
2.) Joyless – Swale
3.) Endless pt 2 – Elephants of Scotland

I got home from work Monday and the album was waiting. I listened to it Tuesday before work, then went to see them after work. Tremendous new album from the guys. I was going to play them back to back, but my impish side had me play Joyless in between. Swale should have the new album out any time now, and played a great show at The Monkey House last week. Up next, there is a odd phenomena in Burlington where sometimes the sky glows purple.

4.) It’s Purple And It Sparkles – Zola Turn
5.) Take Your Gold Away – Lendway
6.) Blue Light Shines – The Dwellers

The Dwellers are Gabrielle Douglas‘ solo band and I love that song. The Cush have an album that’s ready to go. One of my friends has a copy, but since I don’t have a copy yet, I had to play Blue Light. I love Lendway and wish more other people did to, so they’d get out and play more. I chatted with Michael Clifford at the Elephants show and he is learning to do sound with Sergei (sp?). Go Michael. I love that song from Zola. Next up is the next song from Dancing with the Big Guy. This was recorded in 1990 and a few years later a lot of bands sounded like this.

7.) Cold Stompin’ – Ninja Custodian
8.) Linea – Vetica
9.) Imaginary – Envy
10.) Mark My Words – Black Rabbit

I haven’t heard from Black Rabbit in a bit and got a message saying they are done the next recording. We’ve got that to look forward to. Great song by Envy who used to rock this town in their day. Sean Toohey and Matt Hutton are working on new songs, so maybe something will come from them in the future. Vedica have called it a day, but Luke Awtry said they might finish off and release the album they have. Next time you hear a rapper, compare him to Ninja Mike on this song, and consider that Mike was playing the drums while rapping! I ran into Ted Pappadopoulos at the Swale and Ryan Ober (I’ve got to get some of his music to play!!) show last week at the Monkey House, and he said he and Brendan Devitt have recorded a lot of new songs and may have a new album or three out soon.

11.) 1965 – The New Siberians
12.) Not A Nice Guy – ROUGH FRANCIS
13.) Mousetrap – Elephants Of Scotland

I love that Elephants song. Rough Francis finally released the video and hopefully lots of New Siberians soon! I hope you enjoyed checking out the music of our town. Let’s do it again next week, shall we?



Song after: Sunsets On Empire – Fish



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