Rock Lotto at Club Metronome February 1, 2014   Leave a comment

I had a fun time seeing music last Saturday. I got out of work early, and made it down to Phoenix Books, and heard a bunch of local authors read from their Science-Fiction novels. Everyone had 20-30 minutes and everyone was really good. Mike Luoma was the only one who read all the characters in voice, but all the authors had clearly expressed visions that were fun to follow.
I grabbed a bite to eat, then went to Club Metronome for Rock Lotto, to benefit Girls Rock Vermont. 18 musicians met in the morning, got put into 4 bands, and wrote some songs, and played at 6 that night. It was quite the feat, and come off pretty well. The first band had a woman singer named Gina who played keys, and guys on guitar, bass, and drums. They opened with a classic funk cover, then played a tight instrumental called Jake’s Jam. A pop song called Hey Baby was pretty good to follow, and they closed with a rocker called Girls Rock Vermont.
Band 2 was all guys, with guitar, keys, bass, drums, and Raph Worrick on guitar and vocals. They played three songs. The first was kind of fun, the second was a cover I’ve never heard, but was really good. The third was one of the two songs that I really liked that night. It was a cool rocker with a nice piano break in the middle.
Band 3 had Patrick on vocals, acoustic, and cape. The rest of the band had an electric guitar, bass, drum, and a guy who alternated flute and sax. They played some nice rocking stuff including an epic acoustic prog rockish song. The last song had some nice strong lead guitar breaks.
The final band had a guitar, bass, drums, and Luke Richer on laptop and vocals. Again, the band was all guys. Their stuff was a bit more dance pop, but was well played and fun. They closed with a heavy 863-5309.
All in all, it was an odd exercise in combining musicians, and forcing them to deliver new songs in a matter of hours. As usual, there were a few really good songs, and a lot of decent ones. It was a great way to show how much talent there is in this town, but with only one woman participating, it seems we have a ways to go.

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