Black Rabbit and Wave Of The Future at Manhattan Pizza January 30, 2014   1 comment

I had a great time seeing music last night. I finished up the radio show, ran over to Manhattan Pizza and Pub and walked in as Black Rabbit were playing the Black Cat. They played a few of their melodic, fast, heavy rockers. In honor of the Ramones mural, they tossed in Chinese Rock. They played a new song that sounded great, and lots of classics like 89, Neighborhood, and Tibbar Tibbar. They finished with a Buzzcocks cover and the place was officially rocked.
After a short break, Wave of the Future hit the stage with Great Scott. Their high energy dance/pop/funk was fast, loud and fun. The back and forth shouted vocals from Luke Richer and Samara Lark Brown set an unrelenting pace for the music. Drummer Jeremy Gartner was wicked fast and at times did some double pumping on the bass drum. They played a lots of songs about Radiating and Flux Capacitors. They tossed in covers of Obsession and Rock Lobster. 1.21 was as energetic as it always is. Their take on Paint It Black was incredible and fun. Towards the end they turned the place into a super sexy dance party.
They played until just after 12 and I walked out in a very happy place. It’s impossible not to have fun when they are playing!

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