The Mountain Says No and Wave Of The Future at Manhattan Pizza January 23, 2014   Leave a comment

I just got back from seeing and hearing a ton of great music. I wrapped up the radio show, ran down the street to Manhattan Pizza, and walked in as The Mountain Says No unfurled their first song. It sounded heavy and rocking from the outside and more so as I slid in the door, saw Christopher Larrow in the back, and made my way to his table. I dropped the coat, grabbed a beer and headed to the front. I had high hopes, and I don’t even know what to say. The songs worked through a lot of changes, some slow and incendiary, and some blisteringly fast. The two guitar/vocals, bass, drum band rocked in odd yet understandable ways. They created journeys that were fun to follow. Chris said he liked every song. I was thinking I loved every note. The experience was so new it was almost indescribable. I must see this band again as soon as possible!
Up next MC, Matthew Bryan Hagen and friend rapped a couple of moderately humerus tunes. It was getting late and Chris hit the road.
Wave of the Future followed with a nice heavy set. Last week was a bit more ’80’s fun, but this week was more ’90’s metal. Dressed in cold Vermont winter flannel, they lit the room with their energy. Granted, late in the set they did a fun version of Rock Lobster, but for the most part it was bouncing rockers like opener Radiate or closer One Point Twenty-One Jigga Jigga Wat. The whole set was high energy dancey rock songs or rocking dance songs, or whatever the hell it is that they play. Either way, if you find the groove when they’re playing your body is going to get a good shaking. At one point it sounded like Jeremy Gartner was playing a quick double bass drum, but he probably wasn’t, since he only had one. Yea, the band rocked that hard.
They played later this week, maybe because of the Matt thing, and I was out around 12:38. I went back to the station to grab my backpack. An Alison Krauss song was playing and it sounded like PossumHaw. I put Our Work Is Never Done in next and the mix sounded beautiful.

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