Radio Show 46 Thursday January 23, 2014 9-10pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG   Leave a comment



I just got back from seeing a ton of great music and a long day of bowling and doing my local music, internet only, radio show on WBKM. I was pretty unprepared until after I woke up from a nap. I locked when I woke up, and added the final touches, at the station, when I looked at the length of the show.

Song before: Russian Autumn Heart – The Church Band



From our small city to the great big world, these are the Sounds Of Burlington. It’s cold in the Champlain valley this week and this next artist just got out of the Army. He’s leaving El Paso and coming to northern New York. This is a song called Winter by David L. Jarvis on Wbkm and this is Burlington’s kind of music.

1.) Winter – Dave Jarvis
2.) Seeds And Stems – The New Siberians
3.) Think I’ll Stay – Great Western
4) Distraction – When Particles Collide

I had such a great time when WPC played The Monkey House recently. The new EP, EGO, is great. GW are playing at the Juniper Lounge tomorrow, and Amida Burbon Project are playing at Red Square at the same time. Who’s got the cloning machine? It’s so beautifully cold in VT that we all feel like New Siberians. Next up are the most ferocious band in town. Go see them! If you can take it, go up front, if not, definitely hang back. This band will rock you!!

5.) I-90 East – ROUGH FRANCIS
6.) Flypaper – Persian Claws
7.) Burn – The Dirty Blondes
8.) Lunacy – The Cave Bees

While in Austin for the winter Rebekah Whitehurst and Steve Tremblay have picked up a couple of players and are being called Bee Cave. I’ve missed the Blondes shows at
Charlie O’s and hope they will come up north soon. Great song by the Claws and RF rock. Up next is a band who had a nice residency at the Monkey House last year.

9.) Holmes Sweet Holmes – Cameo Harlot
10.) Can’t Feel It – Vetica
11.) Betty Rage – Doll Fight
12.) New Age Woman – Pinhead

I went bowling with the Gardener’s Supply crew today, so I had to play some Pinhead. Doll Fight might be gone, but I’m going to keep their music alive. Same with Vetica.
I’m heading out to see these nest two bands.

13.) Christmas Sled – The Mountain Says No
14.) Great Scott – Wave of the Future



Song After: High Wood – Fish



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