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Jon Stewart talking about Obama’s speech about the NSA “Hey, you know what would undermine all this reform talk? If these changes contained any glaring loopholes.”

Obama “The database can be queried only after a judicial finding, or in the case of a true emergency …It will terminate within a fixed time, unless the government demonstrates a real need for further secrecy.”

Stewart “So, basically the rule is we will totally follow the rules, until such time that we determine we will no longer follow the rules. But don’t worry about it, you won’t hear about it, ’cause we’re going to do it in secret. You know what? I’m sorry. I’m being pessimistic. Are these safeguards perfect? Of course not, but at least the President is trying to earn back the trust of the American people by demonstrating the seriousness of purpose. So, how do we move these reforms forward?”

Obama “I’m open to working with Congress to insure that we build a broad consensus for how to move forward.”

Stewart “So, we’re never doing this.”


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