Thompson Gunner at Radio Bean November 23, 2013   Leave a comment

I had a great time seeing Thompson Gunner last night at Radio Bean. I worked 2-10:30 and somewhere around 7 I looked out the window and the snow was flying like crazy. I quickly walked the icy sidewalks home, did a quick turnaround, swapping sneakers for the boots, and headed downtown.

I walked in around 11:15 and Thompson were just about to go on. Dave Anderson was not there, but the rest of the guys were set up and ready to play. The lit in with country tinged rock and roll and played a great set . They slowed things down a little for a couple of songs, but most of the set just rocked. Caleb Thomas sang deep gritty vocals and played rhythm guitar, Conor McQuade did a bit of guitar shredding and played some cool electric piano, Jeremy Woods rocked the bass, I forgot the name of the new solid rocking drummer, and Aiden Lenihan played more of a lead guitar pedal steel. They played great versions of The Rutland Song, California’s Burning, and Dead Summer. They played a new song that was a bit more country, but at a rock pace and volume. They tossed in the cover of 16 Tons and they wrapped the night with a killer Empress Of Ireland. You would think with all of the guitar, that Dave’s lead guitar playing wouldn’t be missed much if at all. If you did not know the parts he played, you likely had a great time. I missed his leads and harmony vocals dearly, but still had a great time anyway.

After they finished, I grabbed my coat, said a couple of quick goodbyes and took the icy walk home. The ice was nice and chunky, so I kept a good pace, while singing Dead Summer in my head.

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