Blue Button and Rough Francis at Radio Bean November 19, 2013   Leave a comment

I had a great time at Blue Button and ROUGH FRANCIS last night at Radio Bean! As I was thinking about getting ready to go, Rich Haskell stopped by. He mentioned that he might want to go, and his coworkers Ed and Ryan were going. It took a bit of time to get out the door,so we arrived about 11. The place was already full, and we waited in line for 20 minutes or so. I was getting nervous when I could hear Blue Button sound checking, but after a bit, a few people left and we got in. Ed and Ryan were about 30 people back in line, but they made it in for the last song by the opener.

Blue Button hit the stage as a three-piece. With Jason Cooley on guitar and vocals, Eric Olsen on guitar and backing vocals, and Frank on drums, the still managed to crank out a mighty sound. They opened with Hit, then followed with My Bitter End. They played solid, loud and rocking versions of How It Goes, We’re Closed and wrapped the night with Bullshit. Despite missing 40% of the band, they put on a powerhouse rock show.

During the break, DJ Disco Phantom spun some tunes. I chatted with my friends a bit, but soon it was time for the big show.

Rough Francis hit the stage with a killer Black and Red. The packed audience was dancing hard, but not quite moshing. They played a few more from Maximum Soul Power, including a ripping I-90 East. As the show continued, the crowd energy increased. It took a long time for a full mosh pit to form, but the crowd was enthralled for every moment they were on stage. They played most, if not all of the album. They tossed in a cover of New Rose, and maybe one other. Songs like Ruffians and Staring Out The Window were just great. They rocked hard for an hour or so, then the familiar bounce of Come To Space began. They built it into a frenzy, cooled it to almost nothing, then ripped it back to full speed, just to make sure that no one in the audience would walk away with any un-expended energy. I’ve had a great time whenever I’ve seen them, and last night was another high water mark in the legacy they are creating.


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